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"BOSAI" originally meant praise to sake

"Mao Chai" originally refers to firewood, the short but beautiful moment when sparks are produced . It refers to the easy to drink sake which is now called "Nigori.

Oversea Exclusive



GYOKUSO’s first Nigori sake, using original designs by famous calligraphers and porcelain artist from Saga.

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The tradition and passion of Saga


The Yamaguchi family, a famous calligraphy genre in Saga Prefecture.

Housui Yamaguchi, who explores the possibilities of new calligraphy art from Saga to the world.

He cooperates with global brands such as UNIQLO and BMW and held solo exhibitions around the world.



The embodiment of beauty and elegance, is depicted on the bottle and enhanced the cloudy sake by his mother ,Hourin Yamaguchi. 


The powerful character of Housui Yamaguchi, "BOSAI", is painted in gold on the box. From this unprecedented duet, we can feel the new style of calligraphy art.

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Arita ware, a traditional Japanese craft that has a high reputation worldwide.

The package box shows the works of Jun Nakao, from the famous Saga Arita kiln "Nakasengama"

In recent years, he has been continuously selected for the JAPAN TRADITIONAL Kōgei EXHIBITION. The traditional styling elements are placed on the box packaging to fully demonstrate the charm of Saga and the new development of Arita ware.




The Nigori sake made by Saga's famous brewery "Amabuki Shuzo"

Amabuki Shuzo has a history of more than 300 years. The soft underground water of the Sefurisan and the Japanese sake made by the precious "flower yeast" have luxurious aroma , the exquisite taste of the rice itself from the malted rice are unique. The aroma and taste is popular all over the world.

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Bosai Nigori


Origin: Saga, Japan

Ingredients : Rice (From Japan)・Rice-malt (From Japan)

Alcohol Degree: 16.0

Volume: 300ml

Rice Polishing Ratio:  60

Sake Meter:  -4

Aciddity:  1.8

Year of production :  2021

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