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There are over 1,400 sake breweries, more than 300 whiskey and wineries in Japan. Many of them are in the industry for over 100 years.


These experienced tojis (master brewer) from numerous famous sake brewery are committed to traditional and high-quality sake production.


GYOKUSO was born as we want to share with overseas sake enthusiasts, all these fantastic sakes that are produced with utmost love and care from raw material to brewing method.


玉箒 (GYOKUSO) means alcohol in ancient Japanese. People think sake has the power to help someone forget their sorrow and fear.


Jade(玉) is a metaphor for something beautiful, and the broom (箒) has a spirit named Hahakigami. They rub the belly of a pregnant woman to ensure the childbirth is as quick and painless as possible. Brooms also act as lucky charms to bring joy and happiness to a household when placed at the entryway.


Ancestors believe alcohol can ‘sweep’ away all worries and sorrows. People can gather and drink together to forget bad moments.


"GYOKUSO" makes use of the delicate traditional technique and philosophy, incorporating modern ideas and methods, to give our customers a brand-new luxurious time and enjoyment.


The collection of sake under GYOKUSO are all carefully chosen by experts according to their history and deep connection to a specific region in Japan and share with the whole world.

Our Story
Gratitude and preservation to traditions

In spite of the increase of sake's export volume and its worldwide popularity, the number of breweries in Japan decreases year after year “GYOKUSO” cares about traditions. By collaborating with sake breweries and local traditional craftsmen, GYOKUSO create sake that helps regional revitalization not just by raising their brand awareness, but also help them economically.


GYOKUSO will donate part of a percentage of its proceedings to preserve local craftsmanship from regions of the collaborated sake brewery.

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