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Gi Aged
When gold melts, it becomes a liquid of golden sparkle. Just like the sunset, the golden hour of shimmering lights. In a fast-paced and ever-changing world, maybe nothing is certain. Everything seems to slip out of grasp so easily. Yet, you face all treacherous challenges ahead calmly. Cool and collected. Take a sip of the refined traditional art of sake from Japan, a liquid of rich and complex flavors that resemble life.

Live in the moment.
Elegance and Refinement

Gi -Aged- is stored at three-year-aged American Oak Barrels. Its base comes from an award-winning* sake: Gi.

Both Gi and Gi -Aged- have a limit challenging rice-polishing ratio of 19%. The rice used is, of course, the "king of sake rice" grown-in-Hyogo Yamada Nishiki. With Underground ultra-soft water from Mt. Mikuni's clear springs, an ensemble of top-notch raw materials as well as master brewers' technique and dedication. A Junmai Daiginjo at its finest form is born.

Gi is awarded Gold Sake at London Sake Challenge 2020.

Indulge yourself in skillful craftsmanship

If Gi is a cutting edge elite, then Gi -aged- is the fruit of their accomplishment. From its fresh and clear youth, aged finely into a wise and fully-fledged senior. 

Gi -Aged- has an earthy scent that comes from American Oak. Rich in texture and flavor, a hint of spice is like conquering every challenge in life. The liquid of golden color is the fruit of hard work and endurance.

The gorgeous and elegant umami of Yamada Nishiki and the soft wooden scent of American Barrels is an enchanting combination and endeavor. Gi -aged- goes well with delicately flavored Japanese-cuisine, spicy and flavourful ethnic cuisines, and other fine delicacies all over the world. 

Glow in the Dark

An exquisite sake for the exquisites. Gi -Aged- is an extravaganza for sake-lovers in terms of taste, aroma, and packaging. 

A specially-made white ceramics bottle with a shimmering "Gi" in kanji imprinted. Two masu-cups crafted by master-craftsperson from Gifu and two luminous guinomi sake cups that will glow in the dark. All of them come into a delicately-crafted wooden box.


Enjoy your fruit of success at the golden hour with your loved ones. 


Gi -Aged

Junmai Daiginjo Undiluted genshu

Raw Material: Made-in-Hyogo Yamada Nishiki Rice-polishing ratio: 19%

Yeast: G2 Yeast

Alcohol Content:17-18% Sake Meter Value: +1

Acidity: 1.3

Volume: 720mL

Manufactured in: July 2020

Distributor : Sakeholic

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