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The special meaning of "Gi" (岐)
It all started at the centre of Japan
The first product of the brand is centered around the “centre of population in Japan”, “the belly button of Japan”: Gifu. Gifu prefecture is famous for its nature and tourists’ attractions such as Hida Takayama, Shirakawa-go, Nagara River and more. “Gi” was born under the collaboration with a renowned sake brewery in Gifu prefecture: CHIGONOIWA Sake Brewery Co., Ltd (“CHIGONOIWA”). GYOKUSO will continue to explore Japan and bring you the best sake from the region.
Gifu perfecture - The Gyokuso Gi origin
The best environment and raw materials
By using the best sake rice, Hyogo-grown Yamada Nishiki, The water used while brewing was also different from usual. As one of the most renowned ceramic regions, the underground ultra-soft water of Gifu’s Mt. Mikuni goes through heavy clayey soil. This choice in water was able to recreate a smooth taste in “Gi”
Polished Craftsmanship
In order to polish the sake rice to 19%, it takes Toji's techniques down to seconds in time management. A rice-polishing ratio of 19% let you enjoy the true umami of the sake rice. From the sake itself to the wooden box, all of "Gi" is hand-made by local craftsmen. In order to bring you the best and most exquisite taste, only 940 bottles of "Gi" can be produced annually.
115 Year Old Sake Brewery
“Gi” was born under the collaboration with a renowned sake brewery in Gifu prefecture: CHIGONOIWA Sake Brewery.CHIGONOIWA has been eagerly developing their overseas business over the past years while preserving the traditional method sake of sake brewing. "Gi" was made by brewers from CHIGONOIWA with all their effort and dedication.
Promotion Video
Photography and Manufacturing cooperation
Chigonoiwa Sake Brewery Co., Ltd.
Kanto Wood Industry Inc.
Marujyu Paper Company
Manufacturing collaboration
Yotsuhashi Inc.
Kako Chokoku Ltd.
Kita Sangyo Inc.
Special cooperation
Kuboki Tatamiten
Misyukunosushi En - Villa

The fresh while gorgeous taste can be paired with cuisines all over the world. Not only sushi or Japanese cuisines, heavily-oiled Chinese cuisine, French and Italian cuisine with complex tastes are also good matches for pairing. “Gi” also tastes exceptionally good paired with cheese.

Junmai Daiginjo Undiluted genshu
Raw Material: Made-in-Hyogo Yamada Nishiki

Rice-polishing ratio: 19%
Yeast: G2 Yeast

Alcohol Content:17-18%

Sake Meter Value: +1

Acidity: 1.3 Volume: 720mL

Manufactured in: July 2020

Distributor: Sakeholic

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